Best of the West End review theSpace @ Symposium Hall (Venue 43) ​ Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 Tuesday 9th August


Providence Entertainment’s Best of the West End at thespace@Symposium Hall does exactly what it says on the label. 

The group of 4 men and one woman sang songs from a range of West End musicals, ranging from the comedy of Spamalot and Shrek, to the great emotion of Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, via Into the Woods, The Secret Garden and more.  I have to admit the choice of shows they took songs from wasn’t always what I would have expected, but all the performances were extremely good.  Not only are these five people incredibly talented singers, but they also have the ability to put a huge amount of feeling into their performances, whether it’s the comedy duet of Shrek and Princess Fiona singing “I Think I Got You Beat” or the hugely emotional “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables (which got the loudest applause and cheers of the show).   To successfully perform songs from the great musicals without having the costumes, sets or props must be something of a challenge, especially if it’s a show the audience may not be all that familiar with, but they were able to take you right into the mood of the character and the song. 

A nice touch was having a still from the musical projected onto the back of the stage, showing the scene each song was taken from, and the name of the musical, which was of particular help when writing this review! 

This show is perfect if you’re a fan of musicals, and just want to sit back, relax, and be entertained for an hour. 

Review by Lisa Sibbald

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