Beyond the Blue - Lorna Reid & John Alexander review Acoustic Music Centre @ St Bride's (Venue 123) ​ Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 Wednesday 17th August


Beyond the Blue is the new show from Lorna Reid & John Alexander at Acoustic Music Centre @ St Bride's (Venue 123) and features music from both singers plus new songs that they have been working on together over the past year.  A lot of these musical collaborations were getting their first public appearances tonight and have still to be recorded (that is another project).

Lorna Reid and John Alexander are a real East meets West collaboration. John is from Glasgow and Lorna is from Edinburgh, and that alone brings some interesting contrasts as the two cities have such different backgrounds to draw upon for songs.  Both of them also as writers have different approaches as to how they use language, and it is interesting to see how that contrast creates something new that is a fusion of them both.

As these are mostly new songs in this set, and there is another show on 23 August, I don’t want to give too much of their set list away and spoil the surprise for any people who have yet to see the show.

“Burning Inside” is a song I heard from  John and Lorna about a year ago (and is their first musical collaboration), and it was nice to hear this one again as it deserves a lot more exposure, but my two favourites from them both at the moment is the title song of the show “Beyond The Blue” and the beautiful  “Just Be Near”.

John gives us his tribute to the shipbuilding years of The Clyde in this set with a song called “Hold On” and from Lorna the title of her new EP “My Hotel Wrecking Days Are Over”.  This is one song from the Lorna Reid back catalogue that just seems to be taking on a life of its own.

Also in the set here, a new song from Lorna co-written with Darden Smith – “Sweet Baby Blue”.  This is my favourite song from Lorna at the moment, and probably one of the best written to date.  It was interesting to hear John singing the vocals on this one (with a little backing from Lorna) as somehow a male voice gives the song a completely different atmosphere.  It is one of those songs that so many different voices out there (male and female) could give so many interpretations to.

If you missed this show, try and catch the next one.

Lorna Reid is also performing at The Jazz Bar on 24 and 28 August, so if you want to see a slightly different side of Lorna as a singer and a songwriter, put these dates into your diary.

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Review by Tom King

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