111 Greenside @ Nicolson SquareEdinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 Review Tuesday 20th August

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111 at Greenside @ Nicolson Square features a wonderfully choreographed duet between two very special dancers, Joel Brown (Candoco Dance Company) and Eve Mutso (former principal dancer of Scottish Ballet).

I have to admit early in this review that I always enjoyed any performance that I saw Eve Mutso in when she was dancing with Scottish Ballet – effortless ease and grace of movement coupled with an ability to express emotions with face and body that few dancers have.  All of these qualities are here in abundance in this performance and matched by the equally expressive Joel Brown.

The name of this work comes from almost an “in-joke” between Joel and Eve with Joel pointing out that 111 is the number of vertebrae that he and Eve have between them. With apparently no barriers to her range of movement, it seems at times that Eve has a hundred vertebrae in her spine.  Joel, however, has a fused spine and jokes that he only has 11 (less than half the number that most people have).

111 is everything that any good dance work should have – a good story, real human emotions, innovative choreography, and of course outstanding dancers to bring all of these elements to life on stage.  Here though the sheer power of a dancer’s body is a big part of this story, and the absolute trust that Joel and Eve have in one another when dancing together is a whole story within itself.

If you get the chance to see this show (today’s was sold out) then take it because 111 is perhaps one of the most important works being performed at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  It is a true celebration of physical ability and everything that is important to that elusive thing we call “the human spirit”.

This work is commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Spirit of 2012, The Work Room, The Place, Made in Scotland, Creative Scotland and Tramway.  Information here taken from the official 111 website.




Joel Brown– creator, co-choreographer and performer

Eve Mutso– co-writer, co-choreographer and performer

George Bushaway– co-writer

Mark Gibson– aerial coach

Susan Hay – producer


Greenside @ Nicolson Square

Aug 19-24


45 minutes

Country: United Kingdom - Scotland

Group: Joel Brown and Eve Mutso


Review by Tom King




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"We both met at the edge of yesterday
Where all tomorrows were still a possibility
Holding hands as we looked out to the horizon
Never realising that soon the sun would set
Forever on all our hopes and dreams


Words from "The Edge of Yesterday"
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