Jane Siberry plus special guest Carol Laula review the Queen's Hall Friday 16th September


Jane Siberry plus special guest Carol Laula at the Queen's Hall was an opportunity to catch up with two very good singer - songwriters, each with their own unique musical styles.

Jane Siberry is a multi-talented writer whose work over the last 30 years or so has included music, poetry, films and much more.   Jane is a hugely talented user of words to create her own unique imagery in what are often poems set to music, and the opening recital of words only from “Morag” illustrates just how easily her works crosses over between more than one artistic medium.

Jane has a very dry sense of humour, and was on sharp form with that tonight, and while that obviously delighted some long term fans who have grown accustomed to it, it did however seem to leave some other members of the audience a little perplexed at times.  Humour put to one side for a minute though, the one thing that could not be in doubt was the music and the lyrics that made up the songs in this set.  Jane Siberry has a very spiritual (not necessarily religious – there is a difference) view of the world and in particular nature and people, and that attention to the spiritual nature of both resonates all through her work.

This set was a mixture of new work from the album “Ulysses' Purse” - that included the haunting early memories of “Geranium”, new works like “Dante” and the hugely popular and ethereally beautiful “Calling All Angels” and of course the track that probably sums up  Jane Siberry as an artist and a person completely - “Love is Everything”.

Jane Siberry is a writer with a very unique view on everyone and everything around her in this world, and if there is an overall message in her work it is one of love, peace, and tolerance for everyone and everything, so it was particularly fitting that she be given a gift tonight on stage of the new “World Peace Tartan”. 

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Opening this show was Scottish singer/songwriter Carol Laula who, accompanied by Marco Rae, performed songs from Carol’s new album “The Bones of It”.  Carol is a well respected writer with an impressive back catalogue,  and songs like “Round & Round”,  “Let’s Meet In The Middle”, “Sweetest Thing”  and the new single “August Leaves” are good examples of just how inventive this writing can be.

Carol and Marco make an interesting contrast at times on stage, but both seem to instinctively understand one another so well musically.  Nice also to hear some mandolin playing from Marco which somehow gives some songs a more unique flavour than an acoustic guitar would do.

Carol’s music can at times hide behind pleasant melodies words that can make us think seriously about many things.  Carol is a skilful writer and like all good writers you can see at times glimpses of the person behind the words as we explored lost friends, good friends, and her perspective on many things not only through her music but with an almost instant warm connection with her audience. 

The new single and album are available directly from Carol’s website at

Review by Tom King


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