Kim Edgar Leith Folk Club Stories Untold Tour 2016 review Tuesday 27th August 2016



Kim Edgar stopped off at The Leith Folk Club tonight as part of her new Stories Untold album Tour, and played to a pretty much full venue.  “Stories Untold” is an album that we reviewed a short while ago, and there are some real gems on it.

It is always nice to get to know a little bit about the creative processes that are behind any song, and as always, Kim’s gentle introductions shed new light on songs like “Anchor In The Sky”, “The Whole Rainbow“, “Things Crack, Then Shatter” and “The Seamstress”.

This was my first trip to The Leith Folk Club and with Kim so obviously “at home” surrounded by many friends, this was an evening of not only very creative music and songwriting, but a warm friendly atmosphere provided by the club and its members.

A few interesting songs from Kim tonight that are not on the album – “1,2,3,4,5,” a very simple song co-written with Karine Polwart that goes to show just how “keeping it simple” often works so well with an audience with its simple melody and lyrics that are perfect for audience “sing-a-longs”, and “Cinderella’s Slipper” – a song that perfectly displays how a good songwriter can find inspiration in the most mundane of circumstances of finding an old abandoned shoe and imagining a story where most of us would just walk on by.

Encore time provided an audience request of an older song from Kim that I heard for the first time here  - “Heavy Skies”.  A wonderful piece of work that definitely deserves a more regular outing.

Opening the show were Gill Halliday and Chris Sesar and there were some interesting songs there from them as we explored the sometimes darker emotions that we all get at some time in our lives – realising middle age has caught up with us in the mirror or the perfect love of your life turning out not to be so perfect or long lasting. With songs like “Sleeping Dogs” and “If This is It” in their repertoire, I am sure we will hear much more from Gill and Chris as there is some insightful songwriting going on here. 

An interesting addition to the music from them is Gill’s variety of wind instrumental playing giving an interestingly Celtic sound to their music.

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Review by Tom King

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