Lorna Reid City Arts Centre review Friday July 22nd .Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival 2016 Konrad Wiszniewski, (sax) Campbell Normand (piano), John Allan (bass) and Jim Drummond (drums)


Lorna Reid at The City Arts Centre is one of my highlights from the Edinburgh Jazz Festival this year, and judging by the applause from a packed venue here, one of many people’s highlights.

This is my first time catching up with Lorna in Edinburgh since her performance at the Rochester Jazz Festival (NY) last month and the experience of performing there has obviously had a positive effect on her as this is the best I think I have seen Lorna perform on stage.

Backed by four very good musicians - Konrad Wiszniewski, (sax) Campbell Normand (piano), John Allan (bass) and Jim Drummond (drums) this was just a classic performance as Lorna sang standards that included “A Little Sugar In My Bowl”, “A Tisket a Tasket” and “Fly Me To The Moon” mixed in with original songs  that include “Souls For Sale”, “Sacrifice Me” and “My Anchor”.  Everything of course given that unique sound that Lorna Reid can give to a song and a classic jazz feel to everything  by the band.

New to everyone today (including the band) was a new song from Lorna co-written with Darden Smith – “Sweet Baby Blue”.  This beautifully crafted song alongside some of the newer material performed in this show just illustrates how far Lorna has come as a songwriter.

Simply classic Lorna Reid in classic form.

Also in great form today, Konrad Wiszniewski, on sax.  Konrad seems to be having a very busy Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival this year and impressing audiences wherever he plays.

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Review by Tom King

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