Lush Life - Cindy Douglas Quartet review Merchant's Hall (Venue 112) ​ Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 Sunday 14th August


Lush Life from the  Cindy Douglas Quartet  at Merchant's Hall (Venue 112) is just one of those laid back sessions perfect for relaxing on a Sunday afternoon – particularly if the Saturday night before has been a bit hectic.  Cindy Douglas (vocals) and her band Iain Matheson (piano), Peter Lowitt (bass) and Bill Kemp (drums) played their way through two sets of some of the classic jazz and swing numbers of all time with their own little twists to arrangements.

I first heard Cindy Douglas at the 2014 Edinburgh Jazz Festival, and this was one performance in the Fringe that I was looking forward to as her voice is just perfectly suited to songs like “Days of Wine And Roses”, “The Best is Yet To Come” and “Close Your Eyes”.  Favourites from the set though probably include “Lush Life” and “Small Day Tomorrow”.

Cindy Douglas is probably best at home in a classic dimly lit jazz bar as she has one of those voices that can just take all your troubles away.  That of course is not possible in the afternoon in a venue with a large glass ceilinged dome to let the light in, but just close your eyes for a minute, listen to the music and you can so easily be in that jazz bar.

Cindy Douglas and the band are back for another set next Sunday (21 August) at this venue, but please note the time as there seemed to be a bit of confusion in some publications. Cindy Douglas is scheduled to start her set at 12.30 pm.

You can book for next week direct from The Fringe website at

Review by Tom King


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