Magnus Ostrom Queen's Hall Edinburgh Jazz Festival 2016 Review Sunday 17th July 2016


Magnus Ostrom and his band at The Queen’s Hall was a rare treat for Edinburgh fans as the innovative drummer played material from his new album Parachute and some older material

With Andreas Hourdakis,( guitars)  Thobias Gabrielson, (bass & key) and Daniel Karlsson (piano and keys) the show opened with “Dog On The Beach” from the new album Parachute with more music from this throughout the two sets including  – “The Green Man And The French Horn”, “The Shore Of Unsure “ and title track “Parachute” .  This was not just music from the new album though and older works performed included “Dancing at the Dutchreat” and the amazing sounds of “Ballad For E”.

Magnus Ostrom to many people in the hall tonight will always be remembered as one third  of EST (Esbjörn Svensson Trio)  and even though the music of Magnus is as always progressing, the obvious feelings of personal loss for his close friend Esbjörn  are so obviously there and still influencing  some of his musical paths.

How to describe the music of Magnus Ostrom – well that is a question as there is no fixed definition and tonight’s music took us on so many musical paths and influences  - jazz, prog, rock, classical and many more.  This music sources everything around it and just lets you immerse yourself in a soundscape and let your own emotions take you on your own journey along the way.  Magnus Ostrom is not just one of the best jazz drummers around at the moment, but one of the most creative musicians, and it is always amazing to watch a musician of his skill level working with other highly talented musicians to make very carefully crafted music look at times so free and improvised on stage.

The audience here in the hall were simply given a two hour set (with a short interval) of beautiful music played by gifted musicians.  Of course, for many the highlight of the evening was Magnus on some of his longer drum solos.

The Queen’s Hall with its own amazing natural acoustics was a perfect venue for the music of Magnus Ostrom and his band .

For more information on the new album “Parachute”, the band and tour dates visit

Review by Tom King

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