Movin' Melvin Brown Presents Me and Otis review Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17) ​Monday 8th August


Movin' Melvin Brown Presents Me and Otis at Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17) is a so obviously personal tribute by Melvin to one of the greatest voices in music, the late, great Otis Redding.

Melvin has (if you check out his Facebook bio) certainly been around and his enthusiasm for music, dance and just getting people to like one another is infectious.

Starting with an opening tap dance routine then into the upbeat Otis version of “Satisfaction”, things then slowed down a little as Melvin took us through the story of Otis from the start, and to me, the first, and still greatest song he ever recorded (after talking people into letting him sing to use up spare studio time) – “These Arms of Mine.  Other classic songs in here done in style from Melvin including “Mr Pitiful” and “Try a Little Tenderness”.

Otis Redding, like so many singers before and since him came up through Church and the gospel music played there, and one of my favourites from this show was the church/gospel classic “This Little Light of Mine”.

Movin’ Melvin is backed on stage by a student band – keyboards, drummer and bass guitar, and on some of the more “soulful” numbers it would be great to hear the keyboards and guitar more over the drums, but on the more up tempo numbers it works far better.  If I had one request to make of the show though it is to add a small horn section to the band if possible, as whenever I think of an Otis Redding song, I immediately hear that horn section playing.

Movin’ Melvin does a good job on these songs, but I am sure that he will take no offence when I say that no one ever really sounded like Otis Redding.  Somehow, Otis could sound on some songs like all the sorrow in the world was moving through his voice.

Movin’ Melvin has more dates in this Fringe and tap dancing workshops, so check with The Fringe website for further details.
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Review by Tom King

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