Ocean Film Festival 2016 review The Festival Theatre Edinburgh Wednesday 14th April 2016


Returning for the third consecutive year to Edinburgh is the Ocean Film Festival featuring a wide range of nautical short films. This inspiring evening opened with a film produced by Brown Girl Productions featuring its founder Ishta Malaviya and her ground breaking work as India’s first female surfer. This inspiring film paves the way or should I say “surfs the turf” as a courageous icon inspiring budding surfers and females alike cracking the cultural mould for other aspiring females. The longest feature, “Gold of Bengal” dubbed with English subtitles produced by FL Concepts follows a lively “Sea Nomad” on a quest in this introspective portrayal of daily adventures on a self-sufficient boat made entirely of natural and recycled material. Corentin de Chatelperron and his experimental team work towards sustainability on island life. A film that also delights the audience with a light-hearted unassuming down-to-earth humour.

The third film, “The Accord” produced by RC Cone sums up the realities from Iceland’s first surfer through the narrative of Heiðar Logi Elíasson. This film is set in a fast paced reality funky humour with spectacular images of snowy hillsides, a man in a full wet suit and a surf board where chasing the right winds for the right waves becomes a lifestyle.

The fourth documentary, “Ocean Stories: The Halls” directed by Patrick Creadon is a heart-warming intimate story of a couple’s love for each other (Michele and Howard Hall) and their passion for award-winning underwater cinematography filming sea life as never seen before and breathing life into the needs of conservation.

The second to last documentary film, “Kayaking the Aleutians” produced by Crackle TV Curgenven follows two women, Justine Curgenven and Sarah Outen on a nail-biting extreme energetic rough ride 2,500km length of the Aleutian Islands for 101 days stretching from Russia to Alaska. This thrill of a ride showcases rare glimpses into some of the most remote regions along the archipelago. Witty upbeat British explorer Sarah plunges into a once-in-a-lifetime challenge never accomplished before while she shares snapshots of what was a test of courage and stamina. The last documentary is a short titled, “The Right” produced by Taublieb Films featuring Ryan Hipwood who faces a five storey high wave which nearly takes his life.

All in all a fantastic film festival for adventure seekers, film lovers, naturalists and conservationists, and photographers alike.


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