Stories Untold: Album Launch Kim Edgar review Stockbridge Church (Venue 317) Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 Saturday 13th August



Stories Untold  Album Launch at Stockbridge Parish Church (Venue 317) was a night of great music, as Kim Edgar introduced everyone to the songs on her new album and gave us all an insight into the stories behind “Stories Untold”  There are 12 stories told on this new album.

1. Twa Magicians     
2. Anchor In The Sky     
3. The Whole Rainbow     
4. Significant Other Deceased     
5. Things Crack, Then Shatter     
6. The Seamstress     
7. Peerie Boy     
8. Arms      
9. Well Worn     
10. Tightrope     
11. Withheld
12. Tether Me

I first heard some of these songs recently when Kim stood in at the last minute for another performer at another show, and loved Kim’s voice, music and use of words to tell a story then.  That venue however had Kim playing electronic keyboard and the venue, although very good, was just a completely different experience to hearing these songs again on a very good grand piano in a space with great natural acoustics.  Nice to hear Kim Edgar playing somewhere like this where her voice and music sound so good (they are good anywhere, but this space was a bit special).

Kim was kind enough to send us over her new album to review recently and you can read that review at

My favourite track still remains   “Significant Other Deceased “  and its haunting story of being the one left surviving alone (and badly) in a relationship just seemed even more poignant in a church.

Kim Edgar has an almost haunting voice that seems to float at times above her at times fragile music and that itself is very deceptive because  the lyrics are often anything but fragile.

The one thing apart from the quality of the music that was clearly evident tonight however in this full to capacity room was Kim’s warmth and relationship with her audience...many of whom are obviously loyal fans of her music.

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Kim Edgar is on tour soon.  Check this page for dates

Review by Tom King

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