Truth In My Heart - Lorna Reid review The Jazz Bar (Venue 57) ​Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 Sunday 29th August


Truth In My Heart - Lorna Reid at The Jazz Bar (Venue 57) was  a great way for a full to venue capacity audience to be spending the penultimate night of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 with Lorna in classic jazz diva mode aided  on stage by the talents of her quintet this evening.  The Lorna Reid  quintet band- Jim Drummond (drums), John Allan (upright bass), Euan Stevenson (piano) and Konrad Wiszniewski (saxophone)  were on classic form too tonight, so everyone was in for a set with classic songs, vocals, and music.

As usual, this set was a mixture of jazz standards and original songs by Lorna, and the newer original material is so well arranged, played and performed that it seamlessly fits into one overall musical feel for the evening.  Vintage songs like “I Need a Little Sugar In my Bowl” and “A Tisket a Tasket”  are not out of place with “Doggone Good”, “Souls For Sale”, “my Anchor” and “Sacrifice Me”, and Lorna has the vocal ability to give the new material that classic jazz feel.

Lorna Reid and Konrad Wiszniewski   are always a duo worth watching wherever they perform, and  both understand one another’s timing and phrasing so well that they can take a song anywhere they want to and it sounds right.

Also nice this evening to have Neil Warden joining everyone on stage in the later part of this set and bringing his warm guitar sounds to the musical party on songs like “Souls For Sale” (co-written with Lorna), and “Truth in My Heart”.

Favourite song of the evening – a classic jazz diva arrangement of another of Lorna’s own songs “Can’t Rain On My Parade”.

Lorna Reid has had not only a busy Fringe with shows, but a busy year, and it has been nice this year to watch Lorna develop in confidence not only as a vocalist and performer on stage but also as a talented songwriter.  It’s now so obvious that Lorna now believes in the abilities that those around her always knew that she had.

A lot of the original songs in this set came from Lorna’s album “Falling Like Dew”, and “My Hotel Wrecking Days Are Over” is also the title of the new EP.

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Not often I cross reference reviews, but Lorna Reid has been working on a lot of new material with singer/songwriter John Alexander, and they have done two shows at this year’s Fringe.  There are some great new songs there not in this Jazz Bar set, so check out one of the show’s reviews from  earlier in this Fringe.


Review by Tom King

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