A PATCH OF FOG Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016 - DIGITAL REVIEW Monday 27th June


Sandy Duffy (Conleth Hill), media star, television star, media critic and famous author is reluctantly getting ready for the media attention that the 25th anniversary of his only published, and famous work “A Patch of Fog” will bring him.

Sandy has a problem though, he has an irresistible urge to shoplift small items which he can so easily afford to pay for, and his life changes the day that the security guard of a store Robert (Stephen Graham) catches him in the act and of course records the event on his security systems.

Robert is lonely and desperately in need of a” friend”, and drawn to Sandy’s fame like a moth to a flame begins to involve him in an unwanted friendship that changes the life of both from the very beginning, as loneliness swiftly turns to blackmail and stalking.

This tight thriller written by John Cairns and Michael McCartney and directed by Michael Lennox swiftly pulls us into the contrasting world of a man who has everything and a man who has nothing, and as this fast moving story unfolds, it is particularly interesting to watch how each gains and loses the upper hand in this psychological battle of wits.

This is a film that you have to watch and listen to as little visual clues are throughout the film as it takes sometimes expected and then very unexpected turns in its plot.

The film is being released theatrically on July 8th and on digital platforms on July 11th via Alarm Pictures and Icon Film Distribution.

Review by Tom King

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