The Addams Family musical by Norfolk YMT is a slightly abbreviated version of the Broadway musical show based on characters created by Charles Addams for “The New Yorker” in 1938 as a satire on the typical American Family.  Most people will recognise the Addams Family through the two Hollywood films or the original 1960s television series.  For me, it is the television series that set the visual style for all time though.

The plot is fairly simple – Wednesday (Megan Artherton) is growing up and has met a “normal” boyfriend Lucas Beineke (Felix Revell). Wednesday confides in her father Gomez (Aidan Parsons) who tries to keep it a secret for a while from his wife Morticia (Molly Cutter).  Bridging the plot together in song is Uncle Fester (Archie Brown).

We also get to meet the rest of the main Addams Family – Pugsley (Marland Barsby), Grandma (Lauren Bryant) and Lucas’ parents Mal (Tom Coath) and Alice (Nicola Myers).

There are of course a few great songs along the way such as “When You’re an Addams”, “One Normal Night” and “Wednesday’s Growing Up”.

When you are reviewing a youth theatre production I always think it harsh to be too critical as you have to take the age and experience of a cast into account and also the effect bad comments can have on the confidence of someone just starting out.  They need encouragement and maybe gentle criticism with advice on improvement at best, so I take that into account here.

There is always one big problem facing any youth theatre doing this show and that is their youth.  That is a problem for anyone attempting to play Gomez or Morticia as these characters have “lived” and need someone of a certain age to do them properly.  That said though this was a fine shot at it by both.  Aidan Parsons did a fine job with the role and does have very good vocals and timing.  Molly Cutter was fine too, but did seem a little bit uncomfortable and self conscious at times in “that dress”.

Visually, Uncle Fester and Pugsley just did not look like I expect them to look, but that is just my opinion. Grandma was getting there...the look was closer to what we all expect.

Tom Coath and Nicola Myers were good as Lucas’ parents.  For some reason, when they enter the Addams House, it always reminds me of that scene of Brad and Janet from “The Rocky Horror Show”.  The characters seem very similar.

Felix Revell is well cast as Lucas and plays well against Megan Artherton as Wednesday. 

It is always unfair to pick a favourite from a youth theatre show, but for me it was Megan Artherton.  I actually think Megan would have made a great Morticia in this show.

Review by

Tom King


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