COMICS MAGAZINES & COLLECTABLES - We are buying  boys' and girls' comics, commando comics, Marvel, DC, Dell and other American comics and magazines, 1950s British reprint of USA comics and magazines - most genres  - super-hero, war, romance, science fiction, horror, crime, western wanted.  Pop and music magazines and papers, vintage pin-up magazines,  Dinky,  Corgi, Matchbox cars, bubble gum cards, vinyl records-pop, rock, soul, psyche, jazz, blues...and much more.





A wide range of comics, magazines, collectables and memorabilia from the 1940s to 2000s.  Only high grade condition items required.

Items of interst include

British (Boys and Girls) and American comics - Super Hero, War, Mystery, SF, Romance, Horror, Crime, Westerns, Comedy, and many other British and American comics.

British & Australian  1950s reprints of American comics - L Miller etc.  Vintage Australian comics also of interest.

Classics Illustrated Comics- British, American, Australian and other foreign editions.

Bubble Gum cards 1950s - 1970s

Commando (issues 1 to 100), Thriller Picture Library, Super Detective Library, Cowboy Picture Library and other "Picture Library" titles.

Pop, Rock and music magazines, papers, merchandise, tour programmes and memorabilia

Vinyl Records - Classical, Jazz, Blues, Psyche, Punk, Rock, R & B and more.  Original labels and pressings only.

CDs/DVDs only a few selected areas of interest.

Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox and other similar toys - preferably boxed, but must be in very good condition at least.

Selected toys and games - mostly related to television or comic book merchandising.

Many more items of interest not listed here, so if you have any of the above for sale, or are maybe just  clearing space, or perhaps dealing with an estate clearance then drop us an e-mail with the details of what you have to sell and if possible a contact phone number.  Bulk purchases and estate clearances considered.

NOTE - you must be the legal owner, or have legal rights to the sale (solicitor for example) of any goods that you offer for sale.






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