BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY - The East Coast Boys

David Hinton-Gale,who plays Bob Gaudio was kind enough to answer a few questions about the group for us recently.

1  Who are The East Coast Boys?

The East Coast Boys are the critically acclaimed tribute to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons 

2 The Four Seasons are not an obvious choice for a tribute band here in the U.K.  Were you  into their music before you  joined The East Coast Boys?

Definitely. I had heard many of their songs and loved them although most people, including myself, know the songs because of recent covers by other bands. So when I joined The East Coast Boys I was shocked to learn how many songs I already knew and liked were originally written by The Four Seasons. 

3  Who is who on stage in The East Coast Boys?

Frankie Valli  - Jared Christopher

Bob Gaudio – David Hinton-Gale

Nick Massi – Bradley Clarkson

Tommy DeVito - Joseph Connell

4 Your show covers the early years to the Frankie Valli solo years.  Do you have a  favourite musical period?

I absolutely love 'My Eyes Adored You' which was a big hit during Frankie's solo years, but I have to say I do also have a soft spot for the songs written by The Four Seasons when they were writing under a few different names (probably not too well remembered today) -  'Peanuts' is a cheeky number! 

5  Is there a favourite song that the group like to play or do you all have different favourites?

 My favourite, favourite number is 'Who Loves You', its funky!! 

6 The Four Seasons did the original version of “Bye Bye Baby” that is probably better known here for its cover version by The Bay City Rollers.  Will you be playing that one as you are in Scotland?

Yes we always end the night with 'Bye Bye Baby' – very fitting for the end and everybody loves the number. No Tartan though sorry! We do it The Four Seasons’ way! 

7 What age group do you get at your shows.  Is it mainly people who remember the music from the first time round, or are you introducing a new younger audience to this music also?

We get an eclectic mix; we have the core group of ladies and gents who know the music from the first time round, but we also get families, groups and children who have all come for a brilliant night out. Because we go all the way from the beginnings of the band right up to their modern hits there is definitely something for everybody. 

8 How has the tour been going so far?

It's been going really well- we've had a majority sell out tour and brilliant feedback. We like to encourage a party atmosphere where people can just enjoy the music they love, get up and dance if they want to and of course sing if they want to (although not too well as we would be out of our jobs!) 

9  Apart from the music, what attracted you to The Four seasons.  Was it the lyrics as well? Bob Gaudio is  one of the great song-writers of this period?

I play the role of Bob Gaudio in the show and I have to say I feel a little bit smug taking some of the credit for his writing because, as you say, some of the songs hit very personal notes for some people - love, loss etc. - and I think the real Bob Gaudio did an incredible job not just with the lyrics but by coming up with so many highly memorable tunes that people remember just from hearing it once. 

10 Has “The Jersey Boys” stage show and film helped raise the profile of The Four Seasons in recent years with the public and has that also helped bring new audiences into your shows?

It has definitely -  Jersey Boys is a more commercial venture being taken to the big screen too, so the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons has been much more widely received in the UK. It’s amazing for us because more and more people want to come and see us. However, we do have brilliant support from loyal audience members who come and see the show time and time again - even travelling the height of the country to do so! And they return with a whole new group of fans! 



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