Hannah Aldridge and Lilly Hiatt The Voodoo Rooms in The Speakeasy Review Tuesday 21st June


Lilly Hiatt and Hannah Aldridge brought their authentic sounds of Nashville and Alabama to the Voodoo Rooms tonight in two impressive sets.  This is the first time that these two singer-songwriters have toured together and their at times similar but obviously contrasting styles and approach to music made for an interesting night of music and song.

Opening the show, Lilly Hiatt from Nashville just seemed very pleased to be in Scotland and playing to this audience at the Voodoo Rooms.  This show was in one of the smaller rooms at this venue, and right from the start, Lilly was just friendly and very comfortable with everyone, and still a little taken aback with the reserved politeness of audiences here and appreciative that people actually listened quietly to her songs and paid attention to them...with some obvious applause at the end of them of course.

This set was a mixture of songs from the album “Blue Blade” plus some new material.  Along the way with Lilly we also got a little insight into how some of these songs came about, and a common theme of old and new relationships runs through many of them.

Included in this set were songs – “Jesus Would Have Let Me Pick the Restaurant”, “People Don’t Change”, “The Axe”, Big Bad Wolf” and “Get This Right”. 
Interesting songs, interesting lyrics that at times expose a little of the soul of the writer behind them.

Hannah Aldridge was an immediate contrast with her set, most obviously that nearly all of it was performed on an electric guitar, and Hannah seems to be having fun exploring this new sound in new songs and older works.

Again, like Lilly, there was just that warm connection with the audience in the room as we were given songs ranging from pretty standard country to Muscle Shoals Alabama sounds...all of course with Hannah’s own unique view of the world on them.  Again, many of these songs formed out of personal relationships and experiences at one time or another.

Songs in this set were a mixture of material from the “Razor Wire” album and new material that Hannah would be going into the recording studio with on her return.  Interesting songs with at times some dark and edgy lyrics.  Songs performed included “Silver Lining”, “Black & White” (written for her 9 year old son Jackson), “Lie Like You Love me” and at the end an un-plugged “Howlin’ Bones”.  One special song tonight though “You Ain’t Worth The Fight” was dedicated to Turkish Airlines in support of Lilly and her ongoing luggage issues with them. Lilly’s luggage it transpires is currently performing its own independent European tour.

Two very good and very talented singer-songwriters, but with such an obvious difference in personal style and the way they use their music.  Lilly does seem to have a softer edge than Hannah both personally and musically (although there are some dark edges to her music too), but seems to write about personal experiences while still keeping a lot of herself hidden away from view.  With Hannah though, the personal experiences behind the songs are far more on the surface for everyone to see.  There is a continual want to confront the conformity of life head on and a restlessness with many things that is obvious both with Hannah and her music.

Again, like Lilly, Hannah was very happy to be with an audience that pays close attention and listens to her music.

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Review by Tom King

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