Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat Edinburgh 2015





Joseph is one of these shows that is simply a fun night out, and this production was no exception.

Loosely based on the Biblical story of Joseph and his coat of many colours, it incorporates many different musical and dancing styles, and the cast showed an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm throughout.

I felt that Lloyd Daniels in the title role of Joseph was maybe just slightly out of his depth.  There is no doubt he has a beautiful singing voice, and his "Close Every Door" was one of the highlights of the show, but he didn't always seem entirely comfortable with the acting.  However, the audience loved him, and that's what it's all about.  Amelia Lily as the Narrator is another newcomer to musical theatre, and in fact I understand that tonight was her debut.  Again, I didn't feel she was quite right for this role, and I found it difficult to understand what she was actually singing at times, which for a narrator is a bit of a problem.

However, in spite of my reservations about whether the two leads were actually the right people for these roles, the whole show was very enjoyable.  The sets were simple but worked well, and the pace of the show was fast and energetic.  The audience ranged from small children to pensioners, and in general they all seemed to have a great time, swaying to the music and clapping along.  It's a show that's all about forgetting your troubles for a couple of hours and enjoying what's happening on stage, and at that level it definitely works. 

A special mention has to be given to the boys and girls of the choir who are pupils from The Mary Erskine School and who sang beautifully tonight. 


Review by Lisa Sibbald


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