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Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (The Trocks to their friends and fans) is a dance company with a difference.   They are all world-class professional ballet dancers, performing most of the great classical ballets as well as more modern ones, but with a touch of humour.  The biggest difference from most companies, however, is that they are all male.  All the great female roles, such as Odette in Swan Lake, are performed en pointe, and to be honest at times I forgot I was watching male dancers as they were so accomplished in these female parts.   Yes, the make-up may have a more than a hint of drag queen about it, and there is the occasional hairy chest appearing above the neckline of a tutu, but these guys are incredibly light on their feet and are so convincing as ballerinas.

The humour comes in two forms – some is almost slapstick as dancers miss their cues and trip up on stage, the other is more subtle using facial expressions and body language.  And there is also the mis-matching of dancers as a prince tries to catch or lift a ballerina who is easily a foot taller than him. 

All of the dancers were amazing tonight and didn’t put a foot wrong (except where it was intentional, of course!), but my award for Diva of the night has to go to Lariska Dumbchenko (Raffaele Morra) as the Dying Swan.  Never has a Dying Swan been so moving, so dramatic, so hilarious. 

The Trocks are based in New York, but this is truly an international company, with dancers from places as diverse as the USA, Europe, South Africa, Cuba and Australia.  They travel extensively, and don’t plan to be back in Edinburgh until 2018, so if you miss them this time round, make an advance date in your diary to catch them then. 

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Review by Lisa Sibbald

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