New Years are for doing new things, so this was my first visit to The Edinburgh Folk Club in their regular home at The Pleasance.   The reason for being there – one of my favourite singer/song writers Lorna Reid had been invited to perform a show there.

Lorna Reid is probably best known to many of you as one of the best Jazz singers out there at the moment, but there is another side to Lorna – the song writer of more folk/Americana themed material and with the exception of a Jazz standard closing number at the end of each set, this show was all material written by Lorna herself or with co-writers.   The two sets were made up of some completely new material getting its public premiere and some older material.  Quite a few of the songs played tonight you can get from Lorna’s “Falling Like Dew” album (the one at the top of this page)

Songs tonight that included amongst them  “Tried ‘n’ Tested”, “Doggone Good”, “Sacrifice Me”, “Can’t Rain On My Parade”, “Someone Brought Me an Angel” and “My Anchor” I think really surprised this audience used to  a more standard folk singer.  I don’t think some were expecting songs of this quality from such a good and imaginative song writer. 

There were also some new songs here – “Souls For Sale” co-written with guitarist  Neil Warden and available soon  in a funkier/jazzier version as a single (we had the folk style version tonight) and  my favourite actually from tonight a song called “Nothing Without You” co-written with John Alexander.   This new material really illustrated what an accomplished writer and user of words Lorna Reid has become.

Making up with Lorna her trio tonight were David Series on guitar and John Allan on acoustic bass.  That combination of Lorna’s vocals (and guitar playing) combined with two very good Jazz musicians gave the whole set a slightly different sound than a basic folk set, and the audience obviously approved.  It was actually nice to see this cross-over of musical styles as music to me should never be broken up into little compartments.

Also on this show and giving us two or three songs at the start of each set was Jed Grimes from North Shields, a performer who was obviously well acquainted with many of the people in the room tonight.  Jed’s more traditional songs made a nice counterpoint to the original songs from Lorna.

I know Lorna will not mind this, so I am putting a few links here on this review for some of the people mentioned in this review too

Neil Warden  http://www.neilwarden.com/music/
Jed Grimes  http://www.jedgrimes.com/JedGrimes/Gigs.html
John Alexander  http://johnalexander.info/

And of course Lorna Reid http://www.lornareid.com/

Not to forget a little link for the Edinburgh Folk Club too

Playing a long established folk club may be a little variation on the venues Lorna Reid is usually playing at the moment, but if the reception tonight was anything to go by then Lorna has found herself a whole new audience.

Review by Tom King

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