Lorna Reid and David Series were playing at The Pond this afternoon as part of The Leith Jazz Festival.  This was their second appearance at this festival (earlier show at Café Tartine) and this two hour set with a small interval was just the sort of relaxed, sit back and enjoy the music feel that was needed on a sunny Sunday afternoon...yes, the sun does sometimes shine on Leith.

I’ve watched Lorna and David play as a duo a few times now, and the always laid back and impressive guitar playing of David Series is always a great addition to Lorna’s own vocals and guitar playing.

This set saw Lorna bringing a touch of class and originality to the festival as we went on a musical journey with her through some jazz standards and self penned more “Americana influenced” songs.

As usual Lorna’s “Jazz voice” was in classic form with songs like “All of Me” and “Ain’t Misbehavin’” but as it was with original material that the singer-songwriter side of Lorna Reid got to show the audience that other side of her.

Songs like “Sacrifice Me”, “Still Waters”, “My Anchor” and “Can’t Rain On My Parade” show what a good songwriter Lorna is, and newer material such as “Souls For Sale” and the brand new “Look Back” illustrate just how fast that songwriting talent is developing.  “Look Back” with its astute look at that pivotal moment in a relationship possibly ending not only show a writer with a keen eye for observation, but as with “Souls For Sale” one who is discovering a new economy with words where needed.  Sometimes a few carefully chosen words can be far more effective than many words.  Interesting to hear too how with these new songs that Lorna is slowly moving away from that “Americana” influence and finding her own unique voice and writing  style as a singer-songwriter.

Also interesting too here was a song I have not heard Lorna perform before - “The Speed Of the Sound of Loneliness” by  John Prine.

I can’t end this review without reminding readers that Lorna is off to the USA later this month to perform at the Rochester Jazz Festival (NY) and on her return there are performances at The Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival and The Fringe.

Check out Lorna’s own website at http://www.lornareid.com/concerts-gigs  for more details.

Review by Tom King



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