“Souls For Sale” is the new single from Lorna Reid (co-written with  Neil Warden who also plays guitars on this track as well as doing the production) available now direct from Lorna’s own website at www.lornareid.com

The first time I heard this song was when Lorna Reid performed it live for the first time at her show at The Edinburgh Folk Club last week on January 20th (see link to this show review at the end of this article).  This Folk Club song debut was in more traditional folk style arrangement, but the actual single itself has a completely different style to it.

“Souls for Sale” as a single release has a very laid back Latin (almost bossa nova style) rhythm at times dance arrangement to it that perfectly suit Lorna’s vocals .  Neil Warden’s guitar sounds on this track plus the clarinet of John Burgess combine with Lorna’s voice make this a seamless blend of soulful and slow Latin dance beat styles.

Lorna Reid may still be better known to many people as one of Scotland’s best Jazz singers (representing us soon at the Rochester Jazz Festival in New York), but songs like this show what a serious songwriter Lorna is developing into in her own right...a songwriter who is continually experimenting with new and original sounds .  It would be great to hear both Neil and Lorna develop the sounds of this single into a larger project of an EP or even an album as they make a very good songwriting team together.

Catch up with the review of The Edinburgh Folk Club show too at

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