This was the second of three monthly Canalside Jazz events at Boroughmuir Rugby Club’s Canalside venue as they hopefully develop a regular music venue here (not just for Jazz) and tonight was Scottish singer Lorna Reid with her quartet.  The quartet tonight consisted of Campbell Normand (keyboards), Jim Drummond (drums), John Allan (acoustic bass) and Konrad Wiszniewski  (saxophone).

I have to admit here that we like Lorna Reid a lot and have become a bit of her unofficial fan-club members, and it is shows like this that have made it so.

Lorna Reid is a bit of a double identity musician/singer that can do far more than just one style.  There is the singer/song-writer of more folk based music and this side – the performer of classic jazz/swing standards with enough personal interpretation to do them in her own unique style.

With a very tight band behind her and the amazing saxophone playing of Konrad Wiszniewski for two sets tonight, this was Lorna in classic laid back jazz/swing singer mode and as well as just so obviously enjoying the music of the evening and enjoying playing with her quartet, this is I think Lorna Reid at her very best as a Jazz singer.

We had many classics in these two sets  including Lullaby of Birdland, Black Coffee, I Need Some Sugar in My Bowl, Secret Love, Come Fly With Me and many others that took in songs performed by legends of Jazz including Ella Fitzgerald and Bessie Smith.  Each one of course had that unique identity of Lorna Reid put on them as each song was given its own “Lorna arrangement”.

I hope that Konrad Wiszniewski  is able to drop into Lorna’s quartet whenever possible as upfront, the two of them have a great chemistry together and seem to bring out great Jazz performances in one another.

Just simply a great evening watching an ever improving Lorna Reid at the best I have seen her this year comfortable with her music, her band and her audience.

The last of the current Jazz ventures at Canalside is Friday November 13th  and features the Marty Waugh Quartet.  I hope some of you can make it along for this show too, as we all need as many live music venues as possible in Edinburgh.

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Review by Tom King

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