“This Is What You Are” is the debut CD from Scottish singer Mary May. Both Mary and the musicians on this album including Colin Black (Guitar), Jim Gardiner (Drums), Alan King (Piano) and Ray Leonard (Acoustic Bass and musical arranger) are probably well known to many live music audiences as Jazz performers.

Do not let that word Jazz put you off of this CD as, although there are Jazz elements on it, this is just a classic slice of what used to be called “Easy Listening” and the music here covers a wide variety of songs and music in a wide variety of styles and periods.  To make it even more interesting Mary May has not gone for the easy route of interpreting the 12 songs on this CD as straight covers, but instead as new arrangements.

Much of the music here has a very laid-back retro feel to it. Some tracks such as “Kisses in the Rain” and “Sunday Kind of Love” have that classic sound and feel of Julie London about them, and Mary May does a great job of bringing back that sound, style and feel with her vocals on these tracks.

Others tracks at times have a real 60s sound to them, particularly that keyboard sound on “Meet Me, Midnight” which at times sounds similar to that classic Stax records sound.

There are classic jazz sounds here, upbeat tempos, and slower numbers...a great version of Stevie Wonder’s “Where Were You (When I Needed You)” and classics such as “The Way You Looked Tonight”.

This is the sort of music that you can just put on, sit back, listen and relax to.  There is something on this album to suit many different musical tastes.

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You can of course buy individual download tracks, but this CD really needs to be heard as a full CD...and at CD audio quality.

Mary May and her Quintet PLUS horn sections are at The Jazz Bar in Edinburgh on Sunday November 1st from 9.15 to 11.45 for the launch of this debut CD.  Try to be there  if you can, as I am sure it will be a great evening out.

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