Fleetwood Mac guitarist Rick Vito on stage at Edinburgh



Tribute bands are always one of those “musical mystery trips” the first time that you go to see them, ranging at times from bad (almost self delusional at worst) to very good.  “Rumours of Fleetwood Mac” don’t actually fit into any of these categories, they are simply an amazing band of very talented musicians that on stage do an incredible job of re-creating the sound of “Fleetwood Mac” and bringing that music to an audience.  Their attention to detail not only musically but instrument wise is incredible, and this is what makes them such a great band to see live.

“Rumours FM” are under no illusions that they are the original band and make no pretence to be, they are simply lovers of the music and want to share what that music means to them with other people.  All of the very best tributes I have seen have never crossed that clear division line of only sharing the music.  What of course propels “Rumours FM” into a different league from many other tribute bands (apart from their sound) is that original Fleetwood Mac founder Mick Fleetwood endorses them (nice little video from him at the start) and former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Rick Vito is once more playing some of these shows with them (more about that later).

The first thing that actually struck me about the band here was actually just the amount of musical equipment they bring on stage with them – keyboards, drums, lots of different guitars, and a lot of stage lighting, amps etc.  “Rumours FM” do not travel light.

The band consists tonight of Louise Rogan, Alan Hughes, Amanda Kostadinov, Dave Goldberg, Allan Cosgrove, James Harrison and Joel Goldberg, with of course at times the addition of Rick Vito.

Fleetwood Mac are always for me a bit of a strange band…an essentially British band formed out of the second British blues movement of the later 1960s that some people assume to be a purely American band due to their massive 1970s onwards success there and  almost unbelievable amount of record sales and radio play.  Somehow though I always seem to come back to those early years with Peter Green, and it was great to see some of the early songs performed when Rick Vito joined then on stage for the second set and gave us some classic blues numbers  along with great performances of other classics including “Albatross” and “Black Magic Woman”.

The main music from this show covered music from all periods of the “FM” catalogue, but as you would expect, there were a few from the classic “Rumours” album.  Lots of highlights in this show, so I don’t want to spoil too much for anyone who is planning to see the band later on in what is a busy tour schedule, but songs tonight (amongst many others)  included ”Second Hand News”, “Little Lies”, “Rhiannon”, “Silver Springs”, “Songbird”, “Tusk” and “Go Your Own Way”.  Also nice to hear a version of the Etta James classic “I’d Rather Go Blind” from the Christine Perfect (later McVie) “Chicken Shack” band days.

I have to admit that this is the first time I have seen some of these songs performed live and they were just great songs to discover.  At the time of huge album sellers such as “Rumours” and “Tusk” I was listening to completely different music, but playing  “Rumours” before going to this show (on one of those old black circular plastic things), I was reminded that “FM” were just everywhere at the time musically, and I had heard everything on the album (even if I thought I had not).  This band do what a good tribute band should do, let you not only just switch off for a few hours and enjoy the music, but also if you do not have it already, make you want to go out and find more of the music.

There is a simple reason why “Rumours FM” are the top “FM” tribute band out there...just go and see them and you will find out why for yourself.

Having Rick Vito on stage for most of the second act (only a little break in the middle) was of course just icing on the cake tonight.  Unfortunately today (29th) is his last show with them for the moment at “Gateshead Sage” Rick still plays with Mick Fleetwood in his current band too.

Never having seen the original band live, I can only say that for me they recreated so much of that “FM” sound for me from recordings and videos and my friend that was with me for this show was very happy with how close they were to the original band he had seen live.

Great show, just simply one of the best I have been to in the past few years.  “Rumours FM” are definitely on my must see list when they return to Edinburgh.

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