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The King’s theatre was as packed tonight for the opening night of Showcase 25 as I have ever seen it for any performance.  I would think that everyone there knew what the event was for, but just in case any readers do not, here is a brief summary.

Showcase was founded in 1990 with the sole purpose of raising funds for what is now known as Macmillan Cancer Support, and over the past 25 (hence SHOWCASE 25) years has involved many musicians and musical societies in Edinburgh to stage productions based on highlights from musicals and other genres.  Everyone involved in Showcase gives their time and talents free towards raising as much money as possible for Macmillan in between their normal day jobs or routines.

This is the first time Showcase have been at the King’s Theatre and also the first time I have seen the full depth of the stage there on view to the public in a performance, and it is a deep stage.  This size of stage was needed though as Showcase has a lot of performers on stage (adults and children) at any one time.
In a show like this, to single anyone out is always unfair as this is very much a team effort by many people of different musical abilities.  The important thing here is that they are there giving their time freely to raise funds for charity.  We need to remember that this time is also many hours of rehearsal time and not just the few hours that we see on stage.  This is a review though of a musical show and there are as always a few people who vocally stand out from the crowd (they do have the advantage of solo rather than group performances too though).

A few highlights for me were Defying Gravity from “Wicked” by Cassie Dougal,  Gethsemane from “Jesus Christ Superstar” by Keith Kilgore, Stars by Keith Hendrie, Barcelona by Andy McGarry and Gillian McNeill and Somebody to Love by Allie McMurchie.  I am of course not forgetting the chorus in all of these songs.

The outstanding voice of the night for me though was Ibiyemi Osinaike.  His gospel performance of Amazing Grace for me was the highlight of the show.  We of course had the now obligatory addition of bagpipes later in the song, but honestly, Ibiyemi Osinaike’s voice needed no accompaniment.  This was just a pure from the heart and soul rendition of a classic hymn.

There were along the way a few little bumps in getting the sound balanced right at the beginning and a few odd notes here and there, but nothing that detracted from a great night out that hopefully raised a lot of money for Macmillan.

Showcase runs for two nights – 29th and 30th May (plus a matinee on the 30th).  If there are still tickets left, try and go along and support a great cause while having a great night out.

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Review by Tom King


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