Snowgoose are the second part of my musical mystery tour at the Queen’s Hall tonight and a real surprise...nothing at all like I expected.

The QH website tells us that it is three years since this Glasgow-based band have played here and that tonight they were bringing a full electric formation on stage tonight.

Snowgoose are tonight Jim McCulloch (guitar), Anna Sheard (vocals), Raymond McGinley (guitar), Francis Macdonald (drums), Stevie Jones (bass), Chris Geddes (Keyboard) and Tim Davidson (pedal steel).

This show was a mixture of songs from their first album “Harmony Springs” and the new one “The Making of You”.  What really sets the two apart is the songwriting partnership of Jim McCulloch and Anna Sheard.

I said at the start that Snowgoose were nothing like I was expecting.  Yes, there is that Celtic sound to the band, but with this full electric set tonight, they reminded me a lot of some of the best sounds to come out of West Coast San Francisco bands in the 1960s - particularly when some of those higher end octaves were used on keyboards.

Snowgoose have some really strong songs already in their repertoire from their first album, and the new ones just add to that list.  Songs like “The Making of You”  “Who Will You Choose”, “Harmony Springs” , “You Gave up Without a Sound” “Sycamore”, and “Lady O” just I think give glimpses of how much more is to come from this group.  My personal favourite for the evening though was a song called “Undertone”...a perfect one to highlight Anna  Sheard’s voice

The music of Snowgoose is a complex multi-layering of sounds by some very talented musicians, but they have two big things in their favour that should, I hope. make them very big players on the musical stage –

  1. That songwriting partnership of  Jim McCulloch and Anna Sheard.
  2. That amazing voice of Anna times cutting through the air like a pure perfect tone.  An almost timeless voice that somehow belongs to another place and time.

To find out more about Snowgoose visit their website at Snowgoose

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Review by Tom King

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