THE CORRESPONDENCE Amy (Olga Kurylenko), Professor Ed Phoerum (Jeremy Irons) Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016


Astrophysics student and part time stuntwoman Amy (Olga Kurylenko) is in a deeply entangled and often at distance love affair with her tutor Professor Ed Phoerum (Jeremy Irons). Nothing particularly new in that tutor/student relationship scenario, but what gives this story its immediate update on the much told love story through written letters is that this relationship is conducted at distance via the modern technology of the mobile phone, e-mails and video chats.

The relationship though takes a twist when Ed disappears and Amy’s long distance love affair continues far further apart than she could ever imagine.

This is a film that explores relationships on many levels and asks as many questions about the beginnings and ends of a human relationship as the very cosmos that Amy is studying.

We explore here one view of people in a relationship never wanting to let go, but at the other view we reach into the darker realms of control and manipulation over another person.

Directed by Oscar winner Giuseppe Tornatore, this is a wonderful example of how little a film actually ever needs to work... simply a good story and characters that you actually begin to care about. We at times have two different Amys on stage – the lover searching for some truth and the action stuntwoman, and those two different lives are cleverly interwoven into one another to produce some interesting on screen moments. The streets of Edinburgh also feature prominently here, making this film perfect for an Edinburgh Film Festival showing.

Also of course we have here the wonderful music of Ennio Morricone and that, coupled with some stylish visuals, make this a film to try and catch at this festival.


17 June, 20:35 at Filmhouse 1

19 June, 15:20 at Odeon 2


Review by Tom King

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