What is “Wings In My Heart”?  Well, it is a show that combines elements of nouveau circus, dance and theatre into one unique blend of stage experience.

“Wings In My Heart” is the current production from Swiss-based Rigolo Nouveau Cirque and is a combination of world class dancers and performers from all over the world.

This show creates from the beginning an almost dream-like world and part of that is making the very hard (such as moving between moving swinging spheres) very easy.  There is amazing tap dancing and jaw dropping aerialists.

One of the highlights of the show (amongst many) is an amazing feat of balancing called the “Sanddorn Balance” that begins with a feather balanced on one small palm frond rib with more added in size until we are at thirteen of them.

The theme of the show though is “Wings” and the acrobatics performance on giant wings by Jennie Ritchie was for me one of the visual highlights of this show.

I am keeping this review brief as not knowing what to expect is part of the pleasure of a show like this and the last thing you want is a reviewer spoiling all the surprises.

The only thing wrong with the show though (for me personally anyhow) was the venue.  It was a typical wet and cold Scottish summer day today, and the circus tent that this show is performed in was cold at times, and I have no idea how these performers managed to stay warm enough to do some of their acts.  Do you get warm circus tents?

In an ideal world I would love to see this show performed in a larger (and warmer) indoor arena with all the stage and technical back up that such a venue can provide.  I suspect that “Rigolo” and “Wings” have a lot more of a show to perform than was possible in the limited space that they were operating in.  What is there though at times is just amazing.

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Review by

Tom King


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